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G. F. de Pauw: Bellida (1897)
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Composer of the month


Sunday May 13, 2018





Warming up: 15.30 uur
Concert: 16.00 uur
Location: Diligentia
Lange Voorhout 5, Den Haag
Ticketlink: Klik hier

On Sunday May 13, 2018, 401DutchOperas and the Dutch Music Institute (NMI) organize a unique concert with forgotten operas of composers at the court of stadhouder William V in The Hague, composed for the French theater there in the period 1751-1793. Among the sloists are mezzo soprano Barbara Kozelj, soprano Elise Caluwaerts, tenor Marcel Reijans, Dutch baritone legend Marco Bakker, violin player Rémy Baudet, hobo player Martin Stadler, cellist Saskia van der Wel and harpsichordist/arranger Albert-Jan Roelofs. The young talent ensemble of muziekschool Den Haag with supervisor Peter le Feber will give several performances in teh Hague and Amsterdam on location with modern arangemnts. Of course they also takea part in the Diligentia concert concertprogramma.

Entrance:  22.50 • 32,50 (1e rang)
Ticketlink: Click hier

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Opera of the month


Sunday May 13, 2018

150ZingoniGiovanni Batista Zingoni was born in Italy, but after he had his operas  Zenobia en La finta sposa created in Amsterdam in in 1760 en 1761, he obtained a post at the court chapel of William V in The Hague in 1764. For the French Theatre in the  Casuaristraat he then composed the operas Le Passetemps d'amour (1764), Démocrite (ca. 1767), Les Talents à la mode (1778) and Le Bonheur et la vertu (1782). Only of Le Passetemps d'amour and Démocrite a handful of airs survived. Highlights from Le Passetemps d'amour will be performed in Diligentia The Hague on may 13, 2018 at 401Concerts 14. The three tenor arias from the opera are performed by Marcel Reijans in an arrangement for viool (Rémy Baudet), obo (Martin Stadler), cello (Saskia van der Wel) and ahrpsichord, by harpsichordist and arranger Albert-Jan Roelofs.

Date: Sunday May 13, 2018
Warming up 3.30 PM
Concert: 4 PM
Location: Diligentia, Lange Voorhout 5, Den Haag
Entrance: euro 22,50 • 32,50
Complete programme: Click here
Ticketlink: Click here

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Martijn Padding: Laika (2014)

From 3 to 8 juni 2014 Martijn Paddings opera Laika was premiered at the Holland Festival Amsterdam. Laika deals with a television host who breaks down over viewer statstics and wants to join the floating first man and dog in space, Juri Gagarin and Laika. ARTICLE IN ENGLISH!

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Karel Miry: Bouchard d'Avesnes


On March 2, 2014, Karel Miry's legendary Flemish grand opéra Bouchard d'Avesnes wasperformed in Koninklijk Muziekconsevatorium Gent, Belgium. Lyrica Gent braught an impressive ensemble with Placido Domingo adept tenor Daniel Astorga Fonseca, Jolien de Gendt, Paul Claus and many others. Now, in April 2015, we hope to soon be able to finally offer excerpts of this stunning opera as video/audio downloads. Bouchard d'Avesnes will also feature in our first ever 401DutchOperas concert of April 26, 2015, in Hoog-Keppel.

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-cov-401DD--IVC--HAGEMANRichard Hageman

Composer of the Month is Richard Hageman, who had an amazing American career as a composer of songs and film music. he also wrote an opera, Caponsacchi. Hageman was arguably the most successful Dutch composer since Sweelinck, and yet... completely forgotten in The Netherlands. Find out why in his full English language biography.

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Richard Hageman's opera Caponsacchi met with great success when premiered in Weimar, 1934. A broadcast of a German performance was broadcast in the USA, where the opera was finally premiered at the Metropolitan Opera in 1937. It was and is the only opera by a Dutch composer ever to be performed there.

Reinbert de Leeuw

4Reinbert de Leeuw

On Sunday, September 8, Reinbert de Leeuw turned 75. We celebrate his birthday with a massive retrospect including his operas Reconstructie, Axel, and the world premieres he conducted at DNO.

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Monique Krüs: Peter De Grote

August 2, 3, 2013
Groninger Museum 

August 22, 2013
Hermitage Amsterdam

Karel Miry


Flemish composer Karel Miry (1823-1889) played a crucial role in the rise of Flemish music. Except the Flemish hymn, he also composed a number of grand opéras operas, among them such legendary titles as Charles Quint en Bouchard d'Avesnes. Charles Quint was performed by Lyrica Gent in 2013. By 2014 they presented Bouchard d'Avesnes , which presented Miry at the peak of his art. Both operas will have a part in the first even 401DutchOperas live concert of April 26, 2015, in Hoog_keppel. In addition we will peform an excerpt of The poet and his Ideal. Miry's biography:

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On February 8 and 9, 2014, Johan Wagenaar's De Schipbreuk was performed in Amsterdam, with Francis van Broekhuizen, Mark Omvlee, and Sinan Vural. We filmed the performance and published the entire performance on the pages devoted to this delightful little opera.

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Reinbert de Leeuw: Reconstructie

Opera of the Month is the notorious masterpiece Reconstructie from 1969. This amazing work redefined classical music in The Netherlands with a big bang. Reinbert de Leeuw was co-composer.

Monique Krüs


A full biography, discography and index of Monique Krüs selected vocal works.


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Floris van Bergeijk - Romeo en Julia

401NLO-LOGO-ROMEO-EN-JULIA-SpangaRomeo en Julia, het paradijs ligt onder de voeten van je moeder

(de)Composer: Floris van Bergeijk naar Berlioz, Bellini, Gounod, Rota, Bernstein, Tchaikovsky en Prokofjev.

Performance schedule: 31 juli (wereldpremière), 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10 , 11 augustus 2013 

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