401Concerts 15 • 8 Componisten in 5 Generaties Brandts Buys

– 7 PM Opening Exhibition Nederlands Muziek Instituut presents Brandts Buys in Geelvinck Muziek Museum
– 7 PM Concert 5 generations Brandts Buys
(Geelvinck Muziek Museum)

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Liederen van Cornelis Alijander Brandts Buys (1812-1890), Marius Brandts Buys sr. (1840-1911), Ludwig Felix Brandts Buys (1847-1917), Henri François Brandts Buys (1850-1905), Jan Brandts Buys (1868-1933), Marius Brandts Buys jr. (1874-1944), Hans Brandts Buys (1905-1959) en Bea Brandts Buys (1934).

Julia Bronkhorst (sopraan, verteller), Sarah Koning, Esmée van Nieuwenhuijzen (mezzosopranen), Hugo Kampschreur (tenor), Hans de Vries (bariton), Reinild Mees (piano), Judith Heeren (viool)

On his birthay 12 September, we commemorate the 150th birthday of Jan Brandts Buys with the opening of an exhibition in the Geelvinck Muziek Museum. The exhibition features original prints, handwritten manuscripts, documetnation and photographs of Brandts Buys, his ancestors, cousins and their offspring including Hans and Marius Brandts Buys (both of Jan's marriages remained without children). A substantial part of the manuscripts come from the archives of our regular partner, the Nederlands Muziek Instituut.  In additon there are documents and memorabilia from the family, Jan ten Bokum and City of Zutphen's archeologist Michel Groothedde. The exhibition opens with a concert that features songs of 8 composers within 5 generations of Brandts Buys relatives. Among the music are world premieres from a reconstructed song by Cornelis Alijander Brandts Buys, whose first two unfinished songs on texts by Goethe and Heine have been merged into one complete song by Ten Bokum. This splendid song is premiered by baritone Hans de Vries (who recently triumphed in our concert revolving around Dutch Court composer's in the 18th Century Den Haag). De Vries further interprets songs by Marius Brandts Buys junior, Hans Brandts Buys and Ludwig Félix Brandts Buys, as well as an aria from Henri Brandts Buys' mini opera (scenic cantata) Albrecht Beiling.

Soprano Julia Bronkhorst sings a song each from Jan and Ludwig Félix Brandts Buys, along with highlights from the spoken melodrama 'Het Beestengevecht te Brühl' by Marius Brandts Buys senior. Young talents Esmée van Nieuwenhuijzen, Sarah Koning (mezzosopranos) and Hugo Kampschreur (tenor) sing a numbe rof songs by o.a. Henri Brandts Buys. A highlight of the conert is the performance of Bea Brandts Buys's 1974 chanson  het 'Dromenkoffer' by Bronkhorst, Van Nieuwenhuizen and Koning. Bea is the only living composer among the Brandts Buys family today.


JBB Selige Kunde (all)
Wanderlied (HdV)
MABB jr It was a lover and his lass (EvN)
MABB jr. Hymn (E.A. Poe) (HdV)

MABB sr. Opus 5 Nr. 2 ‘Dunkle Ritt und Ständchen’ (RM)

LFBB Wiegenlied (SK)
LFBB Mijne Moedertaal (HK)
LFBB Begheeft mij niet (EvN)
LFBB Erotikon (JB)
LFBB De trouwe Haan (HdV)
BeaBB dromenkoffer (JB, EvN, SK)
HansBB Ballade (SK)

CABB 'Aquarellen' Op. 36 Nr. 2 (RM)

CABB Im Traum (HdV)*
LFBB Serenade (HK)
HenriBB Winter-Abend (HdV)
JBB Eichhörnchen (JB)
LFBB Zingen (EvN, SK, HK)

MABB sr. Beestengevecht (JB,JH, OvD, TV)

Solo pianostukken
'Aquarellen' Op. 36 Nr. 2
LFBB ‘Gebed’ Op. 4
MABB sr. Opus 5 Nr. 2 ‘Dunkle Ritt und Ständchen’
MABB sr. Opus 5 Nr. 3 ‘Vauxhall und Ball’