Carmen in Delfzijl

George Bizet/Henri Meilhac & Ludovic Halevy

In 2010 Delfzijl served as a backdrop for a unique spectacle, a modern open air version of Bizet's opera Carmen was presented by IVAK in collaboration with Opera Spanga. Director Corina van Eijk stirred up the sober town of Delfzijl with this larger-than-life crime of passion. For this project young people worked together with seasoned professionals.



Carmen Madieke Marjon
Don José  Charles Alves da Cruz
Micaëla  Maaike Widdershoven
Escamillo  Marcel van Dieren
Mercédès  Eva Marks
Frasquita  Meneka Senn
Dancaïro  Zhenhua Chang
Remendado  Tao Tong
Morales  Peter Jagt
Zuniga  Jasper Hidding
Leïla Pastia  Barbara van der Werff
musical director   David Levi
director  Corina van Eijk
producer  Jacqueline Clements
executive producer  Greetje Sluijs
location manager  Folkert Swart
art director  Jolanda Lanslots
light design  Henk Post
costumes  Pieter van Rooij
sound  Patricia Boogaard
make-up  Saskia Ellemeet, Maya Schiffers
financial advice  Annelies Meulemans
vocal coach choirs  Nanny ter Wiel
assistant musical directors  Thijs Oud, Oscar Mario Echeverry Bernal
tutors  Nathalie Doucet, Gabrielka Clout, Caterina Galiotto, Ties Molenhuis, Lydia van Schaik
directors assistant  Anita Janssen
stage manager  Annet Boomsma
assistant stage manager  Gonda Veenhuis
propertymasters and builders  Tim van Broekhuizen, Bertus Fleer, Yotka Kroeze
best boy  Lars Unger
technical assistant  Gijs ‘t Hoen
sound production  Ray Elderman, Arno Lips
runners  Joris Witvliet, Stefan Wildeman, Bastiaan Roeters 
catering  Zahra Belkaid, Annemieke Delis
community manager  Anja Reenders
pr  Cathelijne Baron
ticketsales and pr  Bas Kleijn
office management  Mieke Bender
orchestra and choirs  Spanga Festival Orkest, Ivak Jeugd Vocaal Ensemble, Ivak Kinderkoor


´The stagings that van Eijk has created speak for themselves. They are varied, colorful, playful and surprising, as we are accustomed to seeing in her work.(...) For years van Eijk has been transforming opera into an art form full of life. (...) Goosebumps!´

Leeuwarder Courant

´To begin with, this northern Carmen is an exemplary collaboration of professional and amateur art: orchestra and soloists from Opera Spanga together with a fine chorus and two good soloists from the Delfzijl Art Center IVAK. It is also a production where the signature of director Corina van Eijk can be seen everywhere. She has relieved the work of superfluous scenes and made her blond-wigged Carmen not a southern man-eater but a young girl in search of something like love.´

Dagblad van het Noorden

´As always this production of director Corina van Eijk is unconventional. (...) Carmen has golden blond hair and is a drug addict and a pole dancer. The atmosphere is cynical and sexually charged.´

NRC Handelsblad

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