Below you will find an index of 401DutchOperas concerts with Dutch and Flemish opera highlights, the 401Concerts series.

401Concerts was born in the wake of the anthology in progress  that René Seghers is writing on Dutch and Flemish operas.  Because hardly a single note is known of these operas, 401Dutchoperas organizes concerts with excerpts of the forgotten gems among these operas. These performances run parallel with the  anthology in progress. The concerts are filmed and recorded and made available for download on our 401sales website. Once the book is published, readers can thus also enjoy the music. The downloads come with elaborate pdf booklets with high resoltution photographs and relevant info in English.

20171202 401Concerts 9 – Dutch Heldentenor arias III 1852-1940 (Oude Kerk Scheveningen) (New)

20171118 401Concerts 8 – Gerard von Brucken Fock: Jozal Act II (
Old Church Scheveningen) (New)

20170924 401Concerts 7 – Dutch Heldentenor arias II 1895-1940 (recording session) (New)

20170905 401Concerts 6 – Jan Brandts Buys: Music for solo piano (recording session) (New)

20170715 401Concerts 5 – Dutch Heldentenor aria's I 1893-1940 (Old Church Scheveningen)

20161218 401Concerts 4 – Dutch fin de siècle operas from Nederlands Muziek instituut 

20160529 401Concerts 3 – Dutch Opera Arias 1894-1932 in Kröller-Müller Museum

20160127 401Concerts 2 – Flemish Opera Arias 1834-1921

20150426 401Concerts 1 – Dutch Opera Arias 1831-1952 


Should you be looking for a compact business relations event of appoximately one hour thatis both exclusive and a relevant contribution to the Dutch and Flemish musical heritage, you could consider booking a 401DutchOperas concert. Our concerts are unique in that we never repeat repertoire because our prime aim is to disclose as many highlights of the Dutch and Flemish operatic heritage as possible by means of the concert recordings. Each concert results in about 10 forgotten Dutch or Flemish operas and composers being restored to a global internet audience. Concerts are performed with piano accompanyment, an additional violinist, and up to four performers (soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, baritone/bass). Concerts are organized by Anthony van der Heijden, Bas ten Have and René Seghers.

For more info about the possibilities mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +31-6-22338381.