Il Trittico

Giacomo Puccini hailed from a family of church musicians. His break with this tradition and his choice of its exact opposite, opera, was inspired by his attending a performance of Verdi's Aida. In 1880, thanks to a scholarship and a patron, he set off for Milan, where he was trained to be a composer in the space of three short years.



Michele, Gianni Schicchi Peter Michailov
Suor Angelica Machteld Baumans
La Zia Principessa, Frugola, Zita Mary Rose Langfield
Giorgetta Esther Linssen
Luigi Alexander Laiter
Song seller, Rinuccio, lover Juan Carlos Echeverry
Suor Genovieffa, lover, Lauretta Marianne Papavoine
La Suor Zelatrice, La Ciesca Astrid Vriensen
Il Talpa, Betto Luuk Tuinder
Tinca, Gherardo Wil van der Meer
Simone Marc Pantus
Marco Ragnar van Linden van den Heuvell
Nella Sinje Kiel
La Badessa, Spinellocchio, Amantio di Nicolao Bertrand Monbaylet
musical director David Levi
director Corina van Eijk
art direction Elga Lepelaar
costume design Heleen Heintjes
gaffer Tinus Holthuis
make-up artist Saskia Ellemeet
producer Bob Klaassen


´Even in this story of midnight villainy the Dutch director Corina van Eijk and her design team apply discrete humor, as they have done in all their summer holiday productions.´

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, August 1999

´Her entertaining and directly appealing versions of not-all-too-heavy operas are in every respect diametrically opposed to the traditional productions which sound great, look fantastic but seem clumsy to the average viewer, who because of television is used to judging the acting.´

De Volkskrant, August 1999

´This made for a perfectly constructed performance. The low-budget nature of the production was soon forgotten because of a character direction worked out to the smallest of gestures and the inventive and witty way in which podium, decors and the landscape in the background were made use of. Opera Spanga offers art made for --and partially by--the local population. Non-elitist art whereby in the intermission you eat a sandwich which you brought along yourself.´

NRC Handelsblad, August 1999

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