Floris van Bergeijk – Electric Flute

In the spring of 2015, opening the Oranjewoud Festival, OPERA SPANGA presents the music-theater piece The Electric Flute, a remix of W.A. Mozart's The Magic Flute. W. A. Mozart wrote The Magic Flute for a cast of singers with very different vocal capabilities, from top singers to actors with expressive voices. We revive this original diversity.  The voices will vary from light pop to classical, in line with a story that rocks back and forth between dreamy aesthetics and brutal rawness

The performances run from 29-31 May and 3-6 June

Compositie: Floris van Bergeijk
Libretto: Jonathan Levi • Regie: Corina van Eijk

Pamina (Sandrine Buendia)
Tamino (Mark Roy Luykx)
Queenie (Vivianne van den Boom)
Sarasto(Florian Just)
Papageno (Emmanuel Franco)
Papagena (Annemarijn Maandag)
Lady (Kirila Kraal)
Lady (Fre Palmen)
Monostatos (Lionel von Lawrence)

Ensemble: Klarinet: Ainhoa Miranda Gimenez, Contrabas/basgitaar: Jelte van Andel, Elektrische gitaar, Jeroen Kimman, Slagwerk: Gerri Jäger, Toetsen/elektronica: Floris van Bergeijk, Vormgeving; Jolanda Lanslots, Editor/SFX; Synco Schölvinck, Kostuums; Pieter van Rooij,
Licht; Henk Post, Geluid; Fons Baltus, Make up; Maya Schiffers

Performances: 28  t/m 31 May en 3 t/m 6 June (20:15 uur) • Location : Oranjewoud (corner Koningin Julianaweg en Emmalaan)
Info: www.operaspanga.nl • Tickets : www.oranjewoudfestival.nl

The Electric Flute


OPERA SPANGA rewrites Die Zauberflöte as a contemporary cinematic musical-theatrical statement. A contemporary tale set in the hell of Washington DC, where unbridled lust and the brutal politics of the White House are painted red.
The English-language libretto is by the American Jonathan Levi. Floris van Bergeijk composed a brand new score for a 5-piece rock ensemble. Artistic director Corina van Eijk has worked successfully several times with both artists. Bergeijk takes over the role of Mozart. He makes use of all modern electronic and acoustic means. The reuse and reinterpretation of existing music and styles is a signature of Van Bergeijks compositional style. The Electric Flute is for queens who live in the night, for men who yearn for boundless power and for young people who want to grow up quickly.

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  • Floris van bergeijk/W.A. Mozart - Electric Flute (Spanga/Oranjewoud Festival 2015)

Pamina is the child of an old liaison between a politician and an escort girl. Her father Sarastro has become a powerful politician. Disowned by her lover, the Queen of the Night has become the owner of a five-star brothel. Together with two young employees 'Queenie' seduces the young Tamino and convinces him to steal Pamina back from Sarastro. Sarastro, however, is set on passing his power on to the next generation. He is preparing Tamino as his successor. Pamina – a real young woman of the twenty-first century - is not going to let her sex be a stumbling block in her desire to become president.

Opera Spanga

For more than 25 years, OPERA SPANGA has produced acclaimed opera and musical theater productions and opera films in the Frisian hamlet of Spanga. In 1989 director and producer Corina van Eijk founded 'Spagna, the Verona of Weststellingwerf'. Many performances followed including collaborations with Nine Circles Chamber Theatre (Buwalsky, A Road Opera), Production Jeugdconcerten (Mr and Mrs Macbeth), Rosa Ensemble (Falstaff Rivisto) and last summer’s Gianni Schicchi with Sinfonia Rotterdam.

In 2018 Leeuwarden will be the Cultural Capital of Europe, focusing attention on art and culture in the entire province of Friesland. Both OPERA SPANGA and Festival Oranjewoud will take part in Leeuwarden.

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