Ariadne auf Naxos

Richard Strauss

Under the name Spanga Foundation Travels, Opera Spanga has for one summer exchanged the soggy pastures for the candy box hall of the Odeon Theater in Zwolle. Our thanks to Hein Spanjaard, director of the Odeon, for your hospitality.



Ariadne Valerie Girard
Bachus Jacek Pazola
Zerbinetta Monique Krüs
Componist Marianne Rørhom
Musiklehrer, Harlekino Peter Michailov
Tanzmeister, Scaramuccio Kenneth Posey
Lakai, Peruckenmacher, Truffaldino Luuk Tuinder
Brighella Samuel Lybrant
Cook Najade Hieke Meppelink
Dryade Xandra Mizee
Echo Shelley Karson
Haushofmeister Engelbert Bakker
Offizier Bjinse van der Zwaag
musical director  David Levi
director  Corina van Eijk
art direction  Elga Lepelaar
costume design Heleen Heintjes
gaffer  Tinus Holthuis


'Van Eijk has studied this Strauss score in minute detail and to a greater extent than anyone I have seen struggle with this work in recent years...'

Trouw, 1994

'She has studied this score down to the minutest detail and has succeeded, more than anyone I have seen taking on this work in the last years, in giving structure to this chaotic, adapted musical experiment which can be a surprise to those encountering it for the first time.'

Leeuwarder Courant, September 1994

'...It would be a good thing for one of the productions which she has concocted to be shown everywhere. Even though not all of her ideas are successful in every respect, the fact remains that her way of doing opera is in any event extremely refreshing.'

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, September 1994

'Van Eijk knows very well how to engage the audience with original ideas, such as the toilet, which not only stimulates the impulses but also exerts an irresistible attraction on the world-weary composer.'

Zwolse Courant, September 1994

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