Samson et Dalila

"They strike ever harder.
It doesn't matter.
They are indefatigable.
They strike ever more precisely, more calmly.
The more they strike, the more he bleeds, the more obvious it is that they must strike, that it is real, that it is right."

from 'Albert from Les Capitales' Marguerite Duras, Van Gennep, 1987



Samson Philip van Lith de Jeude
Dalila Mary Rose Langfield
Grand Prêtre Peter Michailov
Abimelech David Marsh
Old general Luuk Tuinder
Philistine 1 Wil van der Meer
Philistine 2 Francesco Ambrosini
Messenger Juan Carlos Echeverry Bernal
musical director David Levi
director Corina van Eijk
art direction Elga Lepelaar
costume design Heleen Heintjes
gaffer Tinus Holthuis
orchestra and choir Spanga Festival Orkest en Koor


´The Verona of Weststellingwerf, no question that what is served up there is far better and wittier than what is normally offered at the Arena or in the Philharmonic Theater in the tourist citadel of Verona.´

Berliner Zeitung, 1995

´Levi is an extremely musical conductor who lacked neither temperament nor precision.´

Opernwelt, October 1995

´Van Eijk has no trouble turning a story set in the 12th century B.C. into a modern account which can stand model for the cruelty, egotism and hypocrisy which drive men and governments in our own time.´

Noord-Hollands Dagblad, 26 July 1995

´Her directing thrives on the power of details (...) a raised eyebrow, a frozen pose--it is the tiny nuances which embue this opera with expressive power which holds up a magnifying glass to all the various kinds of power: in relationships, in eroticism and in society.´

Algemeen Dagblad, July 1995

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