20200628 401Concerts 24 • Cultuurshow Live

401Concerts 24
28 June 2020 (16.20 uur)
Beauforthuis Austerlitz

On June 28, 2020, 401DutchOperas was guest at the Cultuurshow-Live, promoting the 2 august 2020 concert in The King's Ballroom Den Haag (tickets Eventbrite ). With soprano Jolien De Gendt and our super talent ensemble with mezzosoprano Sarah Konig, tenor Hugo Kampschreur and soprano Gina de Jong. On piano Pieter Dhoore, on lute/theorbe Earl Christie (for Camerata Delft). In the middle there's an interview by Pauline Verburg and Aad van Nieuwkerk with Jolien De Gendt and the author of the 401DutchOperas handbook René Seghers. Sarah used the occasion to fit her costume as Ninette in Johan Michel Mulligens 'Acajou' (1773), which she will use in the August 2 concert.

De live preview was recorded in Beauforthuis Austerlitz. With a preview from Dutch oepra arias 1685-1804 by Bidloo/Vondel (Faeton), Hendrik Anders (Apollo en Dafne, Verliefde Ryckaert), David Petersen (Amarillis), Elias Brönnemuller (Fasciculus Musicus), Johan Michael Mulligen (Acajou) and Beethoven/Nieuwenhuizen (Vestas Feuer).


Hugo-Kampschreur-en-Earl-Christy-in-Amarillis- 40NederlandseOperasjpg

Gina-de-Jong-in-Faeton  40NederlandseOperasSarah als Fee in Acajou