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cov-In-Opera-and-OratorioRIGOLETTO (Video)
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Gustaaf Francies de Pauw 
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Composer of the month

401COnc3Logo150401Concerts 3

29 May 2016, 401Concerts 3 live from Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo with opera arias & duets from the life and times of Anton & Helene Kröller-Müller. Soprano Jolien De Gendt, tenor Denzil Delaere, pianist Pieter Dhoore, violinist Ann Vancoillie and guest star Pieter Vis shal perform arias and duets from Cornelis Dopper's De blinde van Casteel Cuillé (1894), Willem Landré's De roos van Dekama(1896), Daniël de Lange's Lioba (1906), Jan van Gilse’s Helga von Stavern (1911), Gerard von Brucken Fock's Jozal (1912), Julius Röntgen's Agnete (1914) and De lachende Cavalier (1918), Jan Brandts Buys’ De kleermakers van Marken (Die Schneider von Schönau)(1916) and Richard Hageman's Caponsacchi (1932). A special programme with all modern dar creations.  Caponsacchi is dthe only Dutch opera ever performed at the Met. Liobais on text by the celebrated Dutch author Frederik van Eeden, De roos van Dekama is after Jacob van Lennep. Röntgen and Dopper are composers known from the golden balustrade of the Concertgebouw. Helga von Stavern and Jozal are absolute world premières! Tickets available through ticketlink. Downloadable from June 4 juni through 401Concerts 3 download.

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Opera of the month

VanGilseLogo150JozalHelga von Stavern

Because of 401Concerts 3 in Kröller-Müller Museum May 29 2016 we present here two operas of the month, both world premières: Jan van Gilse’s Helga von Stavern from 1911 and Gerard von Brucken Fock'Jozal from 1912. Van Gilse, who only found recognition as Holland's greatest opera composer 35 years after he tragically died in 1944,  could not get his first opera performed opera, Helga von Stavern, performed. This was due to the bizarre Marxist-political libretto. The music however is stunning, with Helga being a precursor to Turandot! Likewise Gerard von Brucken Fock would never have succeeded in getting his Marxist-religious (!) opera Jozal performed, even if he had tried. However, after two years of work he gave up on the composition a few pages before the end... A pity, since Jozal was intended to continue where Parsifal left: it was supposed to have changed the world for real! Von Brucken Fock, a Chopin/Liszt follower, here proves also  a musical revolutionary! Tickets verkrijgbaar via ticketlink. Download vanaf 4 juni via 401Concerts 3 download.

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401Concerts 2 Vlaamse opera highlights

401COncerts2VlaamsLogo150On January 27 2016 soprano and baritone Joris Grouwels appeared in a unique concert with forgotten Flemish opera excerpts in Museum Vleeshuis, Antwerp. Performed were  arias and duets from once famous operas by August De Boeck, Jan Blockx, Emiel Wambach, Armand Limnander Van Nieuwenhove en François-Auguste Gevaert. In coproduction with the artists, 401DutchOperas filmed and recorded the concert. This can be download as 401Concerts Nr. 2.

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François-Auguste Gevaert

GevaertLogo150François-Auguste Gevaert

Long remembered mostly as director of the Brussels Conservatory and for his theoretical publications, the tide is gently changing now also for François-Auguste Gevaert as a composer. In 2015 the Brussels Conservatory performed his Offenbach-like opera Le capitaine Henriot (preserved by us oon film) and we now present highlights from his most famous opera, Quentin Durward, sung by baritone Joris Grouwels and soprano Pauline Lebbe. 401DutchOperas released the video as download under 401Concerts Nr. 2.

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Vlaams Opera Symposium

LogoSympIn December 2015 a special symposium on past and future of Flemish operas was organized in the Ghent Opera, focusing the rise of Flemish opera in 1840 to the fin de siècle works by Jan Blockx, Emiel Wambach and Paul Gilson. Lecturers were Adelheid Ceulemans, Jan Dewilde and Johanna Ferket. Following a panel discussed the sense or nonsense of reviving the best operas of BlockxWambach or Paul Gilson today. This resulted in a heated discussion!

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Ignace Lilien • Beatrijs


Polish-Dutch composer Ignace Lilien (1867-1943) scored one of the greatest successes in Dutch operatic history, with Beatrijs (1928). We wil perform some of its most impressive excerpts at the very first 401DutchOperas live concert of April 26, 2015, in Hoog-Keppel. Among these excerpts the exuberant central duet Beatrijs–Gratiaan stands out.

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G.F. de Pauw: Bellida (1897)

DePAuwCVDMlogoGustaaf Francies de Pauw

Dutch composer Gustaaf Francies de Pauw (1867-1943) composed but one opera, in 1897: Bellida. With the unique 2003/2004 revival now being opera of the month, we made De Pauw composer of the month February. Bellida also features in our first ever 401DutchOperas live concert of April 26, 2015, in Hoog-Keppel, where Flemish tenor Denzil Delaere shall sing the Act I aubade of Bertino, 'Le mai sur le charmille'.

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Arnoud Noordegraaf: As Big As The Sky

401DUTCHOPERA-NORDEGRAAF-As-Big-As-The-Sky-coverIn his opera As Big As The Sky which mixes traditional Kunqu opera and Wagnerian late romantic, Dutch composer Arnoud Noordegraaf investigates the clash of cultures between East and West, tradition and avant garde, romanticism and reality. With decors by Ai Weiwei.

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Gevaert: Quentin Durward

401Cons2Audio150Gevaert: Quentin Durward

Gevaert's opera Quentin Durward was premiered at the Paris Opéra-Comique in 1858. It spread to Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Switserland and The Netherlands. On a libretto by Eugène Cormon & Michel Carré after Walter Scott, the opera is considered Gevaert's masterpiece. We filmed these highlights at the concert of Joris Grouwels and Pauline Lebbe in Museum Vleeshuis, Antwerp. They are a valuable extension of the currently available repertoire from the Opéra-Comique of those days and available for download under 401Concerts Nr. 2.

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Armand Limnander van Nieuwenhove

WebLogoLimnanderFlemish composer Armand Limnander van Nieuwenhove conquered Paris in 1847 with his opéra-comique Les Monténégrins. Meyerbeer respected him, Auber copied him, yet his name fell into complete oblivion. Recently soprano Pauline Lebbe sang an aria from De Nieuwenhove's opéra-comique Le Maître-Chanteur from 1853 (post Wagner's work renamed into Maximilien à Francfort). 401DutchOperas was there to capture this precious moment on film.

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ConcertFrrontThe video and audio downloads of the April 26, 2015, 401DutchOperas Concert are now available here. They include stunning performances of arias and duets from Dutch and Flemish operas. Participating are soprano Jolien De Gendt, tenor Denzil Delaere, and pianist Pieter Dhoore. Performed were duets and arias from operas by Ten Cate, Van Bree, Von Brucken-Fock, Brandts-Buys, Eckert, Lilien, Jan Rijken, Harry Mayer, De Pauw, and Miry.

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Martijn Padding (1956)

MartijnPaddingLogoIn June 2014, Dutch composer Martijn Padding (1956) presented his second opera, Laika. He then became composer of the month June.

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Floris van Bergeijk: Electric flute


In a coproduction with the Oranjewoud Festival the experimental Opera Spanga ensemble now brings Electric Flute by Floris van Bergeijk/W.A. Mozart. In this electrifying "remix" popsingers, electric guitars, operasingers and orchestra players attack each other in search of love, revenge and power.  401DutchOperas is of course the first to bring this electrifying remix in pictures and sound by means of slide shows and a video trailer!

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