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21-23 SEPT 2018







From Friday September 21 until Sunday September 23 401DutchOperas organizes the JAN BRANDTS BUYS FESTIVAL ZUTPHEN 2018, on the occasion of the composer's 150th birthday. Brandts Buys (1868 -1933) was (and remains to date) the most successful Dutch opera composer in history. Since its 1916 premiere his opera Die Schneider von Schönau has been performed over 1000 times throughout Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switserland and the Netherlands. Operas such as Der Mann im Mond and Micarême had international success as well. Stars such as Richard Tauber created his works at the most important German stages. Our Brandts Buys Festival Zutphen features a shimmering line up of Dutch opera stars, starting with the Zutphen born diva Johannette Zomer, who is featured in both the opera recital on Saturday September 22 in Hanzehof as in the Song recital on Sunday September 23. Cello player Jeroen den Herder and the Cello Festival are featured with a guest performance. Organ player Frank van Wijk plays the mighty Bader organ of the recently restaurated Walburgis Church. Apart from solo organ works of Brandts Buys there are also songs for organ performed by our biggest opera voices. There's an exhibition with a recital including songs composed by 5 generations Brandts Buys. There's a recital with his music for piano including all Festival pianists. The Festival discloses a veritable survey of Brandts Buys's oeuvre 1891-1932: live in front of the audience and then for the rest of the world by means of the cd-issues that we will publish of the recorded performances.

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From June 30 until July 17 the former air force base Soesterberg is transformed into the spectacular decor for a staged performance of Jan van Gilse’s legendary opera opera Thijl (1940). Under supervision of eight Utrecht based students an enormous decor will be build, considting of sand sculptures, on a stage where no less than 150 soloists and young musicians will perform Van Gilse's unequivocal masterpiece. The powerfull baritone Anthony Heidweiller sings the title role, the versatile soprano Aylin Sezer is Nele. Wim Trompert signed for the stage direction. A festival with more music, lectures, workshops and a visit to the National Dutch Military Museum completes the programme.

There can be no doubt that Thijl is th absolute masteriece of Dutch opera. The composition is brimming with rhythms and melodies that are based in Dutch folklore (withouth ever turning things into a folk-opera). The tunes and the libretto of this Dutch/Flemish national hero Thijl are based on our 80-years-war with Spain. The score is overwhelming, both in musical terms as in terms of demanding an enormous orchestra and an almost impossible number of over 50 soloists.  Thijl truly bridged time from the 80-years-war with Spain and the world of today. Van Gilse completed the opera in 1940, when the Germans had just invaded the Netherlands. Van Gilse himself ultimately became part of the artists' resistance, lost his son in the process and died in hiding in 1944. Among the few belongings that he dragged from hiding to hiding places was... the manuscript score of Thijl!

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Monique Krüs: Peter De Grote

August 2, 3, 2013
Groninger Museum 

August 22, 2013
Hermitage Amsterdam

Floris van Bergeijk - Romeo en Julia

401NLO-LOGO-ROMEO-EN-JULIA-SpangaRomeo en Julia, het paradijs ligt onder de voeten van je moeder

(de)Composer: Floris van Bergeijk naar Berlioz, Bellini, Gounod, Rota, Bernstein, Tchaikovsky en Prokofjev.

Performance schedule: 31 juli (wereldpremière), 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10 , 11 augustus 2013 

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Donna Giovanna.

LIVE VERSLAG IN BEELD & GELUID VAN Donna Giovanna als drive-in movie! Verkrijgbaar op DVD!...

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Caroline Ansink

CAROLINE logoCaroline Ansink

a biography of the composer of Stuyvesant Zero can be found here.

NOW ONLINE: exclusive interview with Caroline Ansink, with unique sound & video fragments of her music.

Cloris en Roosje

CLORISROOSJEThe original CLORIS & ROOSJE 1686 / 1707

A Camerata Trajectina rediscovery, for the first time ever on CD:  a milestone in the rediscovery of Dutch opera !!!!

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Dutch Vocal ArtThis website serves to promote Dutch (and Flemish) Operas. Surprisingly, more than 400 Dutch operas have been composed since Carolus Hacquarts & Dirk Buysero’s opera De triomferende min (The triumphant servant) since 1680.

Hans Kox: Dorian Gray

Hans Kox fabulous opera Dorian Gray took 40 years to be released on CD. All details you find here

Kox's biography you find here

The CD can be ordered here


227 2 Falstaffrivisto flyerOpera Spanga and the Rosa ensemble give Verdi's opera a short hunderd and thirty years later a complete update: Falstaff becomes Falstaff Rivisto. Rosa's composers 'decomposed' Verdi's masterpiece. Acoustic sounds are mixed with electronics, The opera in set against a stage of four centuries of art history.

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Componist: Caroline Ansink
Jonathan Levi

For the moment you should use Google translate to read the Dutch text. We hope to provide a professional translation soon.



Carolus Hacquarts De Triomfeerende Min in schitterende reconstructie van Camerata Trajectina op het Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht. Verkrijgbaar op cd, binnenkort met filmfragmenten van de voorstelling uit Augustus 2012! Lees verder hier

342 years of Dutch operas

342JaarOf the more than 400 operas composed in The Netherlands in the span of 342 years, not a single one has managed to enter even the local repertoire. Among those forgotten operas are the first Dutch baroque operas, mostly in the French style of Lully's Versailles, opéra comiques after Grétry, grand opéras after Auber and Meyerbeer, along with full blooded romantic operas in the style of Verdi or Wagner.