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vb3Miry: Charles Quint
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130hagemanRichard Hageman in Opera
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cov-In-Opera-and-OratorioSpanga's Rigoletto
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G. F. de Pauw: Bellida (1897)
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Composer of the month

401COncerts10-LOGO150401Concerts 10 De Nieuwe KHL Amsterdam

On january 14, 2018, 401Concerts 10 presents a spectacular programme in De Nieuwe KHL in Amsterdam, the monumental former coffee lounge of the Lloyd's personel. Behind the present day café-restaurant with French and exotic kitchen lies hidden a fantastic Jugendstil concert hall. Heldentenor Hendrik Vonk, soprano Barbara Schilstra and pianist Wolter Willemsen will perfom there arias & duets from Dutch operas 1852-1931. Besides hendrik's Heldentenor repertoire there is a sneak preview into our upcoming Jan Brandts Buys Festival of September 19-21 in Zutphen. This includes highlights of his operas Hero und Leander (1929) and Ulysses (1931). Our fieldwork in the Royal Collection is presented by Le roi de boheme (1852) of court composer Charles van der Does.

Location: De Nieuwe KHL
Oostelijke Handelskade 44A, Amsterdam
Begins: 4 PM (16.00 hours)
Entrance:  15
Reservations: info@401nederlandseOperas.nl of info@denieuwekhl.nl

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Opera of the month

401COncerts10-LOGO-ROVAART-frontpage150MC van de Rovaart: Liefde (1895)

In Liefde (Love) Marinus Cornelis van de Rovaart proves himself to be a composer of cery tuneful music with influences of folk song, operette and opéra comique. In the song from Love, 'Hoort een krijger staat voor de deur' (Hear this warrior, he stands before the door), a soldier asks a girl if he can come in, since he has to go to war and is not sure if he will come back. This lovely aria will be performed at 401Concerts 10, together with an excerpt from Van de Rovaart's opera Der verwunschene Prinz. Soloists are Heldentenor Hendrik Vonk, soprano Barbara Schilstra and pianist Wolter Willemsen

Location: De Nieuwe KHL
Oostelijke Handelskade 44A
Begins: 4 PM (16.00 hours)
Entrance:  15
Reservations: info@401nederlandseOperas.nl of info@denieuwekhl.nl

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227 2 Falstaffrivisto flyerOpera Spanga and the Rosa ensemble give Verdi's opera a short hunderd and thirty years later a complete update: Falstaff becomes Falstaff Rivisto. Rosa's composers 'decomposed' Verdi's masterpiece. Acoustic sounds are mixed with electronics, The opera in set against a stage of four centuries of art history.

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Caroline Ansink

CAROLINE logoCaroline Ansink

a biography of the composer of Stuyvesant Zero can be found here.

NOW ONLINE: exclusive interview with Caroline Ansink, with unique sound & video fragments of her music.

Cloris en Roosje

CLORISROOSJEThe original CLORIS & ROOSJE 1686 / 1707

A Camerata Trajectina rediscovery, for the first time ever on CD:  a milestone in the rediscovery of Dutch opera !!!!

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Dutch Vocal ArtThis website serves to promote Dutch (and Flemish) Operas. Surprisingly, more than 400 Dutch operas have been composed since Carolus Hacquarts & Dirk Buysero’s opera De triomferende min (The triumphant servant) since 1680.


STIJLThis website will in time attempt to answer the question if there is 'a Dutch style'. As surprising as it may sound to those coming from countries with a living opera tradition, this is an open question in The Netherlands. The reason: from those operas composed before 1945, there is hardly a single note available in terms of recordings. Scores are partly lost or survive only fragementary, others have to be deciphered from obscure handwritings.


Scene from Peter-Jan Wageman's opera Legende (Legend)(© 2011 DNO-Marco Borgggreve)Our aim is to restore the history of Dutch Operas. Since none of these operas are currently known, we use as much audio visual material as possible, to bring Dutch Operas back to life. The success of our aim is determined by the accessibility of these operas.

401DutchOperas should surprise, and make one curious after these works, their composers and their artistic environment. Only in that way can we hope to achieve our ultimate goal: the revival of Dutch operatic tradition!


Componist: Caroline Ansink
Jonathan Levi

For the moment you should use Google translate to read the Dutch text. We hope to provide a professional translation soon.



Carolus Hacquarts De Triomfeerende Min in schitterende reconstructie van Camerata Trajectina op het Oude Muziek Festival Utrecht. Verkrijgbaar op cd, binnenkort met filmfragmenten van de voorstelling uit Augustus 2012! Lees verder hier

342 years of Dutch operas

342JaarOf the more than 400 operas composed in The Netherlands in the span of 342 years, not a single one has managed to enter even the local repertoire. Among those forgotten operas are the first Dutch baroque operas, mostly in the French style of Lully's Versailles, opéra comiques after Grétry, grand opéras after Auber and Meyerbeer, along with full blooded romantic operas in the style of Verdi or Wagner.


Accent401DutchOperas is now initiating a book that will include all ca. 250 major Dutch operas composed with extensive plot summarys and musical descriptions. Their composers will be introduced, the genesis and performance history of their works shall be examined, along with a stylistic analyses and an introduction to the highlights of those scores.

An introductory chapter will provide a summary of the history of Dutch opera from its beginnings until its present state of affairs. This should include a survey of the rise and fall of The Netherlands' many opera companies since the 1680s.

Volunteers/ stagiaires

Hanslick401DutchDivas.com is looking for volunteers / stagiaires that would like to contribute to the expansion of this website by means of adding new biographies and/ or editing biographies / discographies etcetera. You can apply through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .